Solar collectors

No pollution emissions and zero labor costs make solar collectors the most efficient and environmentally friendly source of heat. They directly reduce the costs of heating domestic water, swimming pool water or heating the building.

Our products

Solar collector F TLP ACR
Solar collector F TLP AC

10-year warranty
Polish producer 30 years in the renewable energy industry
Compliance with the requirements of the Solar Keymark certificate
Top 10 European collector manufacturers
Present in 50 countries around the world
Adapted to the conditions of any climate

Small and large solar thermal installations

In 30 years of our history, we delivered solar thermal collectors to over 150 000 buildings and objects in Poland and abroad. Over 150.000 solar thermal installations are successfully operating in small buildings, such as single family homes, as well as in big apartment houses, hotels, office buildings, medical institutions and industrial buildings. For the best whole year operations, the advised inclination of collectors is 30 to 60°. In case of low pitched roof we recommend adjustment brackets. It is also possible to install our collectors on building`s wall, a flat roof or on the ground, using our flat roof mounting kits.